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Your Wife gets NOTHING for Valentine's Day

  • Your Wife gets NOTHING for Valentine's Day

    Hey loser. For Valentine's Day I expect even more cash from you. In order to make this happen - you will cut back and spend the least amount of money possible on your wife.

    She's probably hoping you will take her to a fancy restaurant, shower her with designer lingerie and fine chocolates. BITCH PLEASE - THAT'S MY MONEY. SORRY.NOT SORRY.

    Buy her a value meal from Burger Klng. Go to the dollar store and pick up a three pack of granny briefs and some cheap candy from the gas station. HA! I could imagine the look of disappointment on her face. Oh well - not my problem. I'll be eating Filet Mignon while the both of you are gnawing on stale french fries.



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    • Created: 2/13/15
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    • Financial Domination
    • Homewrecker
    • Brat Girls

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