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Snack time for fat ass

  • Snack time for fat ass

    hey there fat ass , are you hungry ? Of course you are .. That was a stupid question . You're always looking to stuff your fat pie hole . I'm going to get you on your way to obesity you greasy swine , open up its snack time , a few candy bars , some high calorie peanut butter and even more candy and a liter of soda .. Just a snack to hold you over until lunch . Strap on the feed bag oinker , at over a thousand calories a snack between each meal , your big fat belly will double its size in no time . As if you couldn't get even more gross , gassy , bloated and disgusting , I come along and encourage your self destruction until you reach whale proportions

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    • Length: 5:00
    • Created: 12/13/12
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    • Feeder/Feedee

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