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She's a Man Eater

  • She's a Man Eater
    She's a Man Eater
    You're probably asking " how did I get here .. and who are you?" I am that hooker you picked up last night. You asked if I swallowed , to which I replied " Why of course.. it's my favorite thing ". I got in your car, and ch0ked you out and tas3red you, dumped off your car and now here we are at My place. Oh - and I am not a prostitute. I'm a predator. I walk the streets at night, because I am hungry. So I wait on the corner with all the other hookers, dressed like a floozy, knowing how utterly moronic you males can be, it's quite easy to fool you with my mini skirts and cleavage tops. No one has ever suspected I was the predator. Usually... it's the other way around. I have a voracious appetite for men. I love how you feel going down my throat , into my stomach. I will shrink you down, place you into a little capsule so I can easily store you with all the others until I am ready to devour you. Actually- I'm really hungry now, watch as I eat last weeks catch , you can witness what will happen to you.Watch me slowly crunch and chew each capsule filled with little men. Mmmm Stuart was quite crunchy , and Lamont was delicious he tasted like chocolate and Barry tastes like cheap cologne, But YOU - you look the most delicious out of them all. I'll save you for last so I can take my time to enjoy every last bite. You'll end up in my belly where it's nice and warm... and full. I'm starving.

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    • Vore
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