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Sextortion: Cam Slave

  • Sextortion: Cam Slave

    You're a long time fan and follower, but not into findom or femdom. You continue to hound me for webcam sessions week after week. I turn down every request because I don't cater to "vanilla" fans. Good Lord stupid, you're becoming a NAG! I finally agree in hopes this will rid me of you, once and for all. As expected, you behave like a "macho douchebag". Seriously, you're a dumb-ass prick to think I'd be impressed with your muscles and "big" (not so big) dick. At first I play along .. you're a goon to believe that I'm digging it - but for giggles, I encourage you to "keep going!" I'll join in and tease you too, knowing how weak you are for My big perfect tits. Isn't that exactly what you wanted, Mr 'Not-so-Big-Dick"?

    Our time is up, I instruct you to send more cash to continue (you agree, in hopes I'll get naked and cater to your demands)

    Payment is made; I've grown tired of you. The gig is up, I've been recording you; naked, jerking off and playing with your ass on cam. *That's what you get for nagging a domme.* "Oh by the way, it's such a small world, we're friends with the same people -- I went to school with your boss. You know what they say about six degrees of separation .. and here you are, begging Me out of desperation, "don't tell a soul, I'll do anything! Please!" LOL, silly boy, your secret's safe; but you will learn your proper place.

    I'll make you a deal. "you don't want people to see this footage? Okay, Mr Macho, for the next year you're pwned as My cam slave. Each week you'll show up and pay $200 to perform for me on skype ( which I'll record). I know you're not into findom or femdom -- but whatever. Too bad! "If you can't afford it, do phone sex to cover the cost. "For over a year you nagged Me for cam. Stubborn and stupid; you foolish, little man. Now the tables have turned and you're my man-toy bitch. Bend over dear & suck my di..

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    • Price: $10.99
    • Filesize: 368.2 MB
    • Length: 10:30
    • Created: 3/14/16
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Blackmail
    • Femdom POV
    • Humiliation

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