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seducing you with shyt

  • seducing you with shyt

    I completely understand you and your desire and fascination over women's doodie. I understand you and I raise you. Yes.. my mind is equally as warped as yours ,otherwise we wouldn't both be here , now would W/we ? So, let's talk some shyt shall we?I made sure to wear nothing more but these panties.. because it is these very panties that I'm going to soil up and send you off with later on, so focus on my ass in them, as they will be your reward for being a good toilet servant . But back to This disgusting fascination of yours to serve as a shyt receptacle , really intrigues me as well. Figuratively , I enjoy crapplng all over pathetic men such as yourself. you are just put here to be used and abused by women one way or another, but of all the lowly losers out there, you sir, are the bottom of the barrel. So what is it you jerk your nasty little penis to? Gaping assholes perched inches from your willing mouth ready to take huge gigantic loads of steamy hot lady terds ? Or worse ,... far far dirtier than that......................

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    • Created: 2/18/13
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    • Toilet Slavery

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