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Poppers Party in your Brain

  • Poppers Party in your Brain

    <p><span id="slidingProduct14138307"> <p>As promised in My last poppers clip, Hammered & Drained on Poppers I'm back to get you even more messed up than before.</p> <p>I know you're amped to have another kickass party in your brain. Get sh1tfaced on shots, MJ.. poppers whatever it is that you do to get fucked up - DO IT. Get naked. From experience, I find you're most obedient and receptive when I have you at your most vulnerable. Naked, hard, weak and fucked up. Sounds exciting doesn't it? I look forward to penetrating your mind and wallet with my lingering whispers, teasing voice and mesmerizing commands. Oh and of course with my big, perfectly round fake tits. Placed so close to your face, you will be drooling, licking the screen.'s all part of the plan. I know what breaks you.</p> <p>Submit and stroke to my tits, cum on command and crumble. Snap back to reality & reflect upon the fun moment we just shared. It feels good to give in to temptation -- <strong>forget about the world for a little while and have a party in your brain.</strong></p> <p><strong><strong>poppers, jerk off instructions, cum countdown, topless, big tits, JOI, whispers, mesmerize, mind fuck, findom<br /></strong></strong></p> </span></p>

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    • Price: $13.99
    • Filesize: 458.7 MB
    • Length: 12:45
    • Created: 8/19/15
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


    • Poppers
    • MindFuck
    • Mesmerize

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