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Personal Bathroom Attendant

  • Personal Bathroom Attendant

    You show up for an interview at my home, after finding a classified ad I placed at a femdom social networking site. I had to let go of my previous bathroom slave. He just couldn't perform to my expectations, and had even refused service when my girl friend needed her mess cleaned up. I decide to give you the service position , and show you around your new place of residence. My bathroom. " your tasks are to keep it nice and clean in here , as well as keeping us clean too [...] and here's your own personal toilet brush, a spot to keep your belongings under the sink, , and you can have these baby wipes. I no longer have to buy them, since we'll be using your mouth around here now to clean up our soiled asses. " .. You are curious as to why I said "we". Well , a toilet service attendant is there to tend to the ass cleaning of myself, my man and any of my girlfriends that would need assistance or just have their ass licked for the sheer amusement. You shouldn't be selective anyhow. Human toilets are not permitted to be choosy. they take the thrown at them , and are to be grateful to their owners for all that they share with them.

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    • Length: 6:00
    • Created: 3/16/13
    • Nudity? No
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    • Toilet Slavery
    • Brat Girls
    • Humiliation

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