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Pay to Stroke - Verbal Humiliation JOI

  • Pay to Stroke - Verbal Humiliation JOI

    I see you're bored and on the prowl for something to tug your needy prick to ..yet again. Let me get this straight. you just paid ten bucks to watch a video instructing you how to play with your dick ? Hahaha... and I bet you're "hoping" that I'm half-naked and cooing like a sex-kitten. Reality check - losers can't be choosy.

    you coddle and pamper your penis more than it deserves. Get over yourself buddy, your dick ain't all that. If it was, then you wouldn't be here right now paying to stroke your useless junk. Am I right? You bet I am. Sorry to burst your bubble you simple bitch.

    Remember, I don't care about what you want. I'm here to make cash off of your stupidity and weakness. The only way to embed that into your brain is to make you pull down your pants and jerk-off while I rip you to shreds. Stroke the entire time. Even if it gets to be uncomfortable, keep going. Don't worry about if you are going to cum or not. Today's lesson - stop treating your dick like it's a big deal. It's not.

    Oh .. did you cum? No control? Idiot. I bet you still wet the bed too. Pay your cum tax


    Video Info

    • Price: $10.99
    • Filesize: 401.4 MB
    • Length: 11:15
    • Created: 3/23/15
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Jerk Off Instruction
    • Verbal Humiliation
    • Humiliation

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