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Loud Cough & Sniffles - I feel like sh*t

  • Loud Cough & Sniffles - I feel like sh*t

    I'm sick. Again.This time it's an annoying cough and watery eyes. Happens every time I travel. I brought you a lovely souvenir... my germs -- aaand --you get to listen to my honking cough, sniffles and oops I even burped. Oh and can you take Me to my doctor appointment tomorrow? There's no way I can drive in this condition. I'm a hot mess! *Cough... hoonkkkk.... acckkkk... sniffles*

    loud coughing, hacking cough, sniffles, blowing nose, watery eyes, bed head

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    • Price: $7.99
    • Filesize: 239.0 MB
    • Length: 7:45
    • Created: 3/7/16
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Coughing
    • Nose Blowing
    • Sick

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