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Foot Loser Life Sentence

  • Foot Loser Life Sentence

    custom clip - not personalized This guy has it bad. Can't seem to escape "the life". No not thug-life. Loser life. I'm sure you can relate -- girlfriend is clueless. he huffs dirty socks that he buys from girls off of the internet. Dude has it bad. Can't quit the feet. Duh.. it's how you're wired foot-freak. Prepare for the low-road ahead, you're a dirty sock sniffing loser-for-life.

    ".. wondering if you could do the clip the same pov angle you did in the clip " Swampy Feet ". Where you just basically show off the bottoms of your feet pointing, flexed and crossed.. take off shoes and socks in the beginning [...] the lighting was great in that clip and the view was kind of close up. You had on yoga pants,that would be awesome for this vid also. Maybe wear socks with your Nike Frees and verbally degrade on how you make bank off your feet and socks from all the foot-freaks. i'm still buying used socks, which is pretty low.[...] lots of verbal degrading.
    please just do the sock and shoe strip right at the beginning .thanks so much"

    Remember this classic? Same guy. Still buying socks. Still a pathetic Low-life Foot Fetish Loser

    socks, soles, verbal humiliation, femdom, brat girls, barefoot, foot fetish, financial domination

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    • Price: $6.99
    • Filesize: 273.0 MB
    • Length: 6:30
    • Created: 9/3/15
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Foot Fetish
    • Foot Humiliation
    • Verbal Abuse

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