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Diaper Squish, Slosh and Stroke - Humiliation Task

  • Diaper Squish, Slosh and Stroke - Humiliation Task

    So you like wearing pampers and making big , warm , squishy, stinky number 2's in them huh ? Why did you ever let me find out about this disgusting perversion of yours? My evil mind is in overdrive with the things I could and will make you do to yourself.
    This is a humiliation assignment . Be prepared. 1. take a BIG enema or laxative prior to the task. Go put on your ridiculous over-sized big boy diapers . Tape the waist band nice and secure. Put on plastic pants to contain the dooo-dooo ( add's to the squish and smoosh factor )
    Ok you big, retarded, boy - look at how utterly ridiculous you look ! Like a big , stupid baybee. I bet you have to go pooooopies really bad .. your butt feel like it is ready to explode any second if I don't let you go make pooh's. GOOD. Now stroke your little weewee inside your diaper. Do you have to make a peeeepeee now too ? Ugh, you are such a little retard. Go ahead and pisssss your diaper while stroking. Feels nice and warm doesn't it? But once you open the floodgates, Mr Pooopies wants to come out too. You cannot hold it can you ? Which is why you are in diapers , because big boys can hold their potty in like an adult. Well ... alright then you big jerk, let some of that runny shyt out. Let the warmth fill up your diaper and squish it's way out into your plastic pants, all while keep stroking your little weewee inside your cr@p filled diaper. Will you be able to cum in your heavy, load filled squishy diaper for Mistress ? You better.

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    • Created: 2/27/13
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    • Diaper Fetish
    • Adult Diaper
    • Humiliation

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