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Darling, It's so Small - SPH

  • Darling, It's so Small - SPH

    (custom clip - not personalized, can be enjoyed by all) ...

    I like what you did with the custom sph "lol your dick is small " (which was made for someone else) [...] looking for 7 min custom clip - wife humiliates husbands unusually small penis [...] pointing out that my dick is smaller than average. We're about to have sex, you look at my penis in disbelief "has it always been this tiny?" ... [...] be naturally convincing [...] less exaggerated brat girl stuff..allow your acting abilities shine lol. My wife humiliates me for having a tiny little cock ( I've worn a penis extension the few times we had sex, unbeknownst to her) You tell me about a time when you walked in on my best friend who was changing in the bathroom [...] going on the share how much bigger his dick is compared to my small penis. lead me to believe I have "nothing to worry about, you'd never sleep with my best friend *wink wink*. "

    Again, less ba8y talk - you are a 'concerned' wife *sarcasm* "are you cold sweetie, should we see a doctor, or has your penis always been this small?" [...] measure my tiny cock, playfully tease me about its size" my ex boyfriend was HUNG like a h0rs3" sexually rejecting me in the end.. " I don't feel like having sex ... have a headache ( or something of the like) ..
    outfit - sexy nightie, soft hair and lighting.

    sph, humiliation, wife, femdom pov, sexual rejection, husband humiliation

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    • Price: $9.99
    • Filesize: 354.7 MB
    • Length: 9:30
    • Created: 2/22/16
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Small Penis Humiliation
    • SPH
    • Humiliation

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