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Danni arm wrestles andy part 3

  • Danni arm wrestles andy part 3

    andy is back looking for me to hand him his ass again. He really just doesnt get it. he has not seen me since february and prior to our meeting up the other day.. I forgot to inform him that I was 7 weeks out from a competition , I know he was pretty amazed at my condition, and a little fearful as well. I will always beat him, but he really thought he had a shot this time. . last time I beat him with a bicep injury, I beat him with a shoulder tear.. and now he is back. he claims he has been working out. I'm not quite sure what he has been doing at the gym, because it just is not working, Watch us compare our biceps.. and watch as i make the loser kiss my bicep ,because I am such a muscle brat !!!

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    • Armwrestling

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