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Coerced face stuffing - your new diet

  • Coerced face stuffing - your new diet

    This is an interactive face stuffing clip or an interactive pig out. No.. I'm not the one who will be stuffing their face. You are. I want to you go out and buy all the gross, calorie laden, sugary foods I list in the first part of the clip. When you get them.. set them up in front of you and prepare to strap on the feed bag . You are sure to gain 2 lbs after eating all this junk in this clip.. only I'm not asking you to follow my instructions once. You are to do this diet daily. You are going to feel so big and gross, and bloated and gassy... slipping out farts and burps. Just like a fat sloppy pig.

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    • Price: $10.99
    • Filesize: 151.1 MB
    • Length: 10:00
    • Created: 7/19/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Feeder/Feedee
    • Fat

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