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Belly Buster

  • Belly Buster

    ( custom ) Follow my belly around from the morning right after I ate my " belly buster breakfast" I show off my tummy and explain how full I am and what it feels like.

    PART 2 - post lunch- my stomach is even bigger then it was this morning. I don't know how I stuffed any more food into it. There's no room and it feels as if it's at max capacity. Ugh.. I need to lay down. How am I going to lay down on this huge stomach?


    PART 3 - Post dinner and drinks - I had a big steak dinner with fries. I feel bloated and stuffed, and my stomach is going to explode. LOOK AT IT ! Look how much bigger it is now, then it was 12 hours ago ! How am I going to sleep like this ? It's hard as a rock. I look like I'm preggo , because when I stand up, I cannot see my feet when I look down. This big stomach is in my way .I should just go to sleep I guess.. if only my stomach would quiet down. Can you hear that noise too ? it's making loud sloshing sounds , probably digesting those 3 belly busting meals I had today. (custom but not personalized , can be enjoyed by everyone )

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