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Babysitter Diaper Punishment

  • Babysitter Diaper Punishment

    You're in high school, but mommy still treats you like a 8aby that can't be left alone on a Saturday night. I show up for a new babysitting gig and the mother is one of those neurotic helicopter parents. *Great* ..I can't wait to meet her son ( supposedly he still wets the bed. Yuck!)

    "Oh hey, who are you? I'm here to watch your little brother. You don't have a brother?! Aren't you a little old for a babysit... wait a second ... I know you. You're that little perv that was caught stealing panties from the girls locker room! Great.. I'm stuck with Panty Bandit for the night. HAHAHA! You seem terrified of your mom. She's such a bitch. She doesn't know about the panty thing huh? Ohhh.. well .. we're going to have some fun tonight. Heard you wet the bed? No worries, I have  and a binkie in my babysitting bag the - remember - I'm the babysitter and according to you mommy you're still her 8aby, so I'll treat you like one. Let's get these pampers on your little dicky, pop this binkie in your mouth and because you look so precious *gags* you can wear this adorable bib too. OMFG so cuuuuteee. I have to snap a picture & show the girls how silly panty bandit looks in his nappies & bib. What's that? You need to go potty? Duh retard, go 5hit & tinkle in your pampers ...

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    • Diaper Discipline
    • Adult Diaper
    • Humiliation

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