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Soap Sucking Punishment

  •  Soap  Sucking  Punishment

    You crossed the wrong woman, it was a huge mistake on your part to assume you could just t talk to a woman any way you please without repercussion . I feel pretty bad for you, but someone has to do this . Hopefully you will think again before you make a sexist remark . Open that filthy mouth up for me, nice and wide, I've got a nice surprise for you. Your mouth needs a thorough washing, so I'm going to do just that, with this bar of antibacterial soap. Suck on it awhile , while I give you a stern talkin' to. Now don't you look silly with all those suds foaming out the sides of your mouth? Do you think you learned your lesson ? I'm not so sure

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    • Price: $7.99
    • Filesize: 179.5 MB
    • Length: 7:30
    • Created: 3/7/13
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


    • Female Domination
    • Mouth Soaping
    • Humiliation

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